As one of the leading fire training academies in Ontario, we help the fire services and private companies with much more than just firefighter courses.

Our team of highly experienced fire and rescue professionals have thousands of hours of practical experience in the field. Between them, they are fully certified in all the major NFPA standards, chapters and levels.

What's more, as experienced instructors and active leaders in the fire service, they are highly skilled in explaining technical requirements in everyday language and without jargon, something that our corporate and commercial clients very much appreciate!

Our fire consultancy services are available to any business, organization or manufacturer with high level fire safety and firefighting requirements, such as:

  • Power stations and utility companies
  • Large Automotive and Industrial facilities
  • Airport fire brigades
  • Fuel distributors, fuel depots and petrochemical plants
  • Port authorities & marine fire safety teams
  • Major construction contractors

Our consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Training Division Reviews
  • Master Fire Planning
  • Level of Service Selection
  • Labour Management Services

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Southwest Fire Academy can provide industry or construction projects the professional stand-by rescue services that they require at an affordable cost. Our stand-by rescue services include:

  • Confined Space Rescue Stand-by
  • High Angle Rescue Stand-by
  • Hazardous Materials Response

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) fit-testing requirements specify that all respirators including air purifying, air-supplied, positive pressure, powered air-purifying respirators, and SCBA that rely on a mask-to-face seal need to be checked with either quantitative or qualitative methods to determine whether the mask provides an acceptable fit to a wearer.

Ontario Section 21 Guidance note GN-4-09 reccomends the following:

  • Fit testing of workers to ensure an effective seal will be conducted prior to initial use, and at least every 2 years; however, it is recommended that fit tests be conducted annually (per Section 7.1.3 of CSA Z94.4) or whenever work conditions necessitate a change in the type of respirator worn, with periodic review during the worker�s career to ensure proper fit

The quantitative fit testing procedure uses measuring instruments to measure face-seal leakage. The fastest, easiest, dependable, and most accurate means of doing a quantitative fit-test is with the PortaCount Plus, used by Southwest Fire Academy.

Southwest Fire Academy's fit testers are specifically trained and ready to visit your site to provide fit testing for your employees.

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Southwest Fire Academy can provide a unique opportunity for leadership and team building for corporate clients. Imagine your management team performing in emergency environments like:

  • Live Fires
  • Search and Rescue
  • High Angle Rescue

This isn't just a day of playing firefighter, you will only be able to complete the tasks working together and communicating in a stressful environment like no other. The day can be totally customized to meet your needs. For more information and to get references, please email us at